Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Sketch Work

Once again, I find myself right in the middle of all projects. Why can't I stagger their start/finish times so they don't all drag for weeks and finish at once? Here are some random doodles to tie me over for another week or two.

A sketchbook drawing I did of my friend, Candace, at a figure drawing session when I should have been drawing the model. I don't know why this is, but all my drawings of Candace always come out great. I guess you're just sketch-o-genic, Candace!

This sketchbook page is, like, over a month old. Steve Hickner came to lecture at SJSU a few weeks back and I did a totally overworked drawing of him in the upper left corner of this page.

We did a quick in-class exercise this evening using grids and I actually liked how mine came out. It's really wierd and warped like the movement inside a lava lamp. I included the photo I worked from... it came from some random magazine. I don't know. I have to do a portrait using this method this weekend for my final project. The subject? I picked one of my heroes: Ted Leo.


A Highly Refined Pirate said...

HAHA!! I love it! Like I said at least in tis one it doesn't look Im going to kill someone!

Charlene Fleming said...

Glad to have your approval! Yeah, you looked really content that day. Amazing what Fridays can do for the mood. :D