Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Jacqueline

I just realized that I've never posted Jack! She's the thing I draw most and she isn't even on here yet! "Jack" is short for Jacqueline... Jacqueline deVincenzi. She's the main character of the comic I used to write/illustrate, "Of Rogues and Robbers". I was forced to put the project on hiatus for my final year of college but now that I've graduated, I'm free to tackle ORAR again! Except this time, I'll be drawing it for print so I'm starting it from scratch. Over the summer, I'll be reworking the story and also developing a set look for the comic. Hopefully I can start redrawing it by the end of the summer so the first issue will be done by winter.

In case any ORAR readers are reading this now: No, the characters and basic story will not be undergoing any severe changes. I'm just focusing everything more now that I actually know what I'm doing (where both story and art are concerned). For anyone not familiar with ORAR: it's a story about some pickpockets who get in way over their heads. Jack is our main protagonist and she's basically a natural master thief. She is a crafty lass. ;) Everyone tells me Jack looks like me and I suppose that's true. Whatever. She's not me, for the last time!

I'll probably post a bunch of random Jack sketches next week or something. Maybe. I love drawing Jack's facial expressions. Hey, is her right arm too short? I drew it from a wierd angle so I think it's kinda hard to tell that it's foreshortened in a wierd way. Oh well. You know who Jack is now.


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Love this character! Looking forward to seeing, more work about her. Also, thank you for the words of encouragement. Very much appreciated.

Charlene Fleming said...

Thank you! It's very encouraging. :D