Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indian Summer

I recently promoted myself to a larger format Moleskine after finishing my most recent sketchbook. Those of you who have flipped through my sketchbooks in person know how small my usual ones are. What I like about small sketchbooks is that they seem to promote unity of thought. Because space is so limited and you can complete pages quicker, the sketchbook feels less like a collection of drawings and more like a progression of thought. You can only render an image to a certain degree before you have to concede that there simply isn't room to continue doing so. It's a constant reminder to simplify, to pay attention to what is essential to the subject, and that something doesn't need to be "finished" to be complete. The following are the final pages in my last sketchbook. I have some paint sketches of city scenes that I'll post on the next update.

Heads up: I'll have a table at this year's Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco (October 16-17). If you're planning on attending, do drop by. I'll have a couple sketchbooks, a mini-comic, prints and more. More details on all that later. I've decided to invest in a good printer and make everything myself, by hand, this year.

Below: The left page came out unintentionally creepy. The right page is one of my favorite pages in my entire last sketchbook.