Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Public Profiles II

I'm almost convinced it will never be warm in San Francisco again. I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and I've never seen a summer like this where the fog just never lifts and it's always cold. If we were ever going to see the sun this year, we would have seen it by now. What this all means is... I've been doing a lot of indoor drawing and sweater wearing.

I started a new job last month and I'm loving it! I'm now working as an artist at WonderHill with some super talented people who are just as excited about making art as I am. I added links to their blogs at the right.

Above: Another future painting from last month. I'll let you guys see it before I paint over it and fix the perspective flubs because I do enjoy the linework on this one.

Below: My new coworkers and I have been going out and drawing at the cafe on lunch breaks. That place is old people city on weekday afternoons! And of course, I continue to draw on BART every week... there are random train drawings spread throughout these pages.