Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gold is just a trick of the light

This was done for an assignment in my illustration class. It was done using gridded photo reference. I warped the grid to emphasize his mouth. Oh yeah, this is one of my favorite artists, musician Ted Leo, formerly of Chisel and currently of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. I used a photo I found on Flickr and this was done for personal use so... please don't kill me, photographer! I don't think this piece is quite finished... it could use some more color and finesse, I think, but for now I'm calling it done. Media: Ink and acrylic on illustration board.


Laura Lee said...

Hey Charlene!

Thx for the comment on my blog! :) It helps motivate me to continue to do my own projects.

I also remembered that the character that you did (the girl with the short hair, brown jacket, jeans) that I like, I think you told me that it was a personal project and I really I love her character design!

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with her yet, since she's pretty much a guinea-pig. But I have thought about animating her one day...

You're graduating soon! Are you excited?? :D Anyways good luck with the rest of the semester and see you later!

Charlene Fleming said...

No prob, Laura.

Graduation... !!! Excited, worried, restless, sad, relieved, proud, lost. I'm gonna miss having everyone around all the time, that's for sure. And it's gonna be months before I can settle my life into some kind of normalcy again. Here goes!