Sunday, October 24, 2010

Resuming Some Semblance of Normalcy

Whew, APE is finally a done deal. I’ve been pouring all my free time from the past month into putting my work together for that. It was great to meet so many art-appreciators and artists, many of whom I’ve known online for years but had never met in person until last weekend. Thanks to everyone who visited me at the convention!

I also came away from it with some new ideas based on what people liked most about my work and suggestions they gave me. I may do a “Neighborhoods” book mini-series in the future… small books based on different neighborhoods in San Francisco (i.e. books for the Mission, Castro, Western Addition, etc.). I received a lot of requests at APE for prints of specific neighborhoods and I was thrilled to find such local pride. I’m going to set up an online store soon to sell prints and books.

Here are some drawings from this summer that I never got around to posting:

Above: You may recall I posted the linework to this paint sketch a few months ago in this post.

Below: I did this sketch at a SketchCrawl. It was a gloomy day at the Presidio but you could see the rest of the city soaked in sunlight in the distance. I never "finished" this sketch because I liked the composition a lot and didn't want to overload it with detail. You could see the city in the far distance from where I was sitting on an overpass.

More news: the game company I've been working for, WonderHill, just got acquired by Kabam. I've still got my same job, though, at the same office in San Francisco with our same team. I'd like to post some work I've done for WonderHill pretty soon. I mostly worked on GreenSpot, for which I designed and built various items in Flash and painted some of the backgrounds.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Alternative Press Expo

I've been hard at work laying out and printing books for this year's Alternative Press Expo, which is going down THIS WEEKEND in San Francisco. I'll be sharing table #660 with my good friend, Traci Hui. Come say hi, talk art, look at my original sketchbooks in person or maybe buy a thing. In addition to the two sketchbooks I'll be selling, I'll also be bringing some mini comics and art prints.

The Book of Neighborhoods is a collection of my environment drawings.

The Book of Citizens is a collection of my people drawings.

If you can't make it out to APE, I'll be selling books online shortly if you'd like to order one. Here's a newer page that will be in "Neighborhoods":