Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jacking lumber since 2008

Don’t anybody sing the lumberjack song. Don't you dare. This is a little something from some freelance work I’ve been doing, “The Physics of Animation”. It’s mostly been diagrams up to this point but we’re starting a chapter now that requires a lot of character work, which is awesome for me. This illustration is to show balance. I needed to do a front and side view of a character in a balanced pose and then a front and side view of an unbalanced pose similar to the first one. The character had to be top heavy and have small feet to emphasize the out-of-balance pose. I chose to draw a lumberjack since I’ve been wanting to do one for a while and he fit the description. I originally had him posing with his ax but I had to change it because adding another mass would have complicated the physics being explained so I opted for the same pose, but with him holding his suspenders instead.

I need to get out and work in my sketchbook soon. I've been in a wierd funk lately and the little I've done outside of work isn't worth scanning, let alone posting online.


Jimmy Lam said...

nice lumberjack...cant wait to see your comic goodness!

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks Jimmy! Comic goodness, comin' up.