Monday, July 14, 2008

To the Necropolis!

Okay, new sketchbook. Hey. I've actually had this particular book for, like, two years now and just didn't draw in it. It's a Fabriano Artist's Journal, like so:

It's pretty cool but I'm totally homesick for my old, brown, recycled-paper sketchbook. This new guy does not accept wet media very well. Uh uh, havin' none of that. And I'm all about wet media! Dammit. But it is forcing me to try new things and I'm excited to see what happens when I get to the darker papers. One pro about the new guy: he's about 25% the size of my last one so I fill the pages faster and feel more productive. Oh yeah, he seems to like markers a lot. That's cool, too.

Above: Some people I drew in a mall food court last week. We had a heat wave and I was in serious need of some air conditioning. The mom of that baby I drew totally turned around and glared at me when her friend noticed I was staring.

Below: I visited Colma, the week before last, and drew in the Italian Cemetery. Colma is a bona fide necropolis... the population of the dead there outnumbers the population of the living and there are graveyards all over the place. I found hella graves with "DeVincenzi" on them... yay, Jack! Holy crap it was cold out for a midsummer's day, though!

This is completely random but... every time I hear the bridge to "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo & The Bunnymen, it's like system paralysis. It's so damn good.


chrystal chan said...

glad you're staying sketchbooky productive : ). i thought your breaking up with sketchbook post was really cute haha

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Chrystal! No worries about me not being sketchbook-active... I practically live in that thing. :D

Chantrelle said...

I recognize me somewhere in there! Great sketching Charlene! When are we all going out again??

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Chantrelle! Cool, so you're recognizable... I did my job. :D Sorry if I made you look sorta, uh, mannish. You totally don't look mannish. XD

Yeah, when are we going sketching again? I miss drawing with you guys and I'm not as sketchbook productive as of late. :P We should see about doing something this week or the next.