Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a winner!

I just updated yonder portfolio. FYI.

I wish I had more work to show but I've had the misfortune of being ill for the greater part of the last week. How I managed to catch a freak head cold in the dead center of summer is beyond me. It's like I found the only cold bug in the entire Bay Area that survived the end of Spring... like I won some kind of sick lottery. Anyway, that's done. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Above: I did these 2 pages over two weeks ago. The ones on the right side were done at a food court in a mall while I escaped a heat wave. I need to start drawing people in areas where they're more active. Like the park, or something.

Above: I was invaded by bees when I drew the messy hillside so I wound up rushing through the values and it looks kinda crap. Some old, swaggering drunk biker dude came out of an honest-to-gawd saloon and started hitting on me when I was drawing the motorcycle. I promptly relocated. And I drew that little, elderly Asian woman when she was entering the "Jurassic 'Fight Club' Sweepstakes" at a movie theater. It seemed really out of character... actually, I don't think she knew what she was entering.

My friend, Ellen, is the one in color. This new sketchbook loves soft pastels so I think I'm going to start doing more color sketches.


scorpio said...

Hi charlene fleming,
I just passed by your site, and I got to say, it looks very impressive and inspiring! Keep going!

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks a lot! Will surely do. ;)