Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in the habit

My poor neglected sketchbook. So I finally got the chance to do some work in it again! I was pretty busy with work for a while. My productivity has also decreased by like 80% this summer upon my introduction to Avatar: The Last Airbender... thanks a lot, Jon. Countless hours spent on reruns and general related geekish activities.

I'm still not fond of this new sketchbook. Either I need to start using dry media and markers, exclusively, or I need to get a different book because this ain't working. I'll give more markers a shot, I guess. I actually hate most dry media. Plus, the smallness of this book is really limiting... I can hardly hold onto the damn thing let alone do a long study in it. At any rate, I have gotten a few drawings I like out of it.


Tom Scholes said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I want to see that first one bigger :(

Charlene Fleming said...

Whup, my bad. S'all fixed now... you can view it at its correct size. :D Thanks for the heads up.

Tom Scholes said...

woohoo! worth the wait :)