Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sketchbook #5

Nutha recent sketchbook page. The scanner actually committed some wierdness against this page... dunno why. The image in the upper right was done in figure drawing along with another drawing hidden under the black blob. I decided I hated them both and painted them out with sumi ink but the upper right drawing was persistent and popped right up back through as the ink dried. I actually liked it better once it was half washed out so I left it. I drew another drawing on top of the black area I hated so I painted it out again and drew a model from a different figure drawing session and then my friend, Ellen. Ellen, I'm sorry... you deserve a much better portrait than I can give you.

The naked woman on the left: are her nipples properly secured to her breasts? No. No, I profess, they are not. Thank you.

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