Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Foos it or lose it.

I'm trying to be better at keeping a dedicated sketchbook this semester. It's not that I draw less during school than I do on breaks, it's just that I draw on scraps, which wind up getting lost or thrown out. I didn't want quick drawings getting all mixed up with my polished sketchbook drawings but really, what's a sketchbook for? So now my sketchbook takes all comers... scribbles, paintings, what have you. Here are a couple recent pages.
I saw a couple people's sketchbooks recently and they did some really cool things with text so I think I'll be messing around with that more. I love the bottom foosball drawing. We were at EA (internship) and it was our lunch break so we made a beeline for the game room and I drew a couple friends really heavy into a game of foosball. The older woman in the upper right corner is my mom, who I drew when we went out to dinner last week. She saw my drawing and said she looked old and my dad and I replied in unison that she is old.

We did a movie night a few weeks ago and my friend Alyssa was cool enough to sit still for a half hour so I could draw her portrait. The other drawings were done at figure drawing during a long pose that didn't favor my position in the room.

Cartoonizised self-portrait. If anything, I got my nose right. Damns I need to do something about my bangs.


Jimmy Lam said...

hey this picture does look like you! all cute and stuff haha. sure, you're posting often now... but just give it a few months....

Charlene Fleming said...

I have no excuse to not post often... I have to keep the website up to date so at the very least, ya get the same stuff I'm throwing on the site. ;) Also, I'm a responsible grown up professional person.