Monday, March 24, 2008

My Prerogative

I’m not much into reality this semester. Maybe it’s imminent graduation and, by extension, imminent real-life reality (!). I’ve really been shying away from doing strictly representational work and experimenting more. A psychology professor of mine once told us that if we remember one thing from his class, remember this: if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re only gonna get more of what you already got. I already know what I can do… I want to do something I can’t do. One of my major weaknesses has always been gesture so that’s something I’ve been focusing a lot on lately. Also, the heaviness of graduation has me looking for something lighter… all I want to draw are funny little doodles. If I want to draw a funky angular lady with disembodied floating nipples, I’m gonna do it… if that’s my prerogative. I’ve already got portfolio drawings. I’d much rather learn something than get more of the same of what I’ve already got. I present a brief overview of the last 6 weeks of figure drawing. I actually weeded out a lot of the weirder, disproportionate stuff. Just because I learned something from the other stuff doesn’t mean I gotta show it.

Nuther thing I forgot to mention, I've been switching up media more and more but lately I've been trying to stick with "permanent" media. Stuff I can't erase. It forces me to be more thoughtful about design, simplicity, essentials and not sweat over things I can't change. Pen = decisive.

I'll try to limit my figure drawing posts. Nothing against figure drawing... it's one of my favorite things ever, but I get bored pretty quickly with art blogs that are almost nothing but the figure.

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