Monday, March 10, 2008

First impression! Don't screw up!

Wow, so I guess I have a blog now? I try so hard to make good impressions by making it look as though I'm not trying at all but then usually just wind up saying nothing at all and looking either really shy or really snobby. Okay, hi. I'm Charlene Fleming. I'm not a snob but I do confess to occasional bouts of shyness. I attend San Jose State University. I'm majoring in Animation/Illustration. I have a website too! It's at! I maintain a comic there called "Of Rogues And Robbers", which is currently on hiatus due to GRADUATION INSANITY. I'm actually pretty embarassed by the early art/writing but the feedback I've gotten from everyone (online & in real life) has been overwhelmingly positive so it couldn't be too bad. At any rate, I've been working on it since 2003 and I hope to redraw/rewrite the whole thing and have it published in a few years. If you ever come back to this blog, Jack and Warren, the two main characters, will soon become very familiar to you. I get really attached to my characters.

That wasn't so hard. Here, have a drawing.

This is the most recent page out of my sketchbook. This is a doodle-scraps page. Normally I tend to treat each page like an illustration or a series of several small illustrations. This page is another story. It started off with the boat near the top, which actually drove off after only 15 minutes so I abandoned the page and went on to others. A couple weeks later, I found myself back in San Francisco and did a couple more small doodles on this page because, hey, San Francisco drawings, right? Gotta stick together. After that, I just revisited the page periodically to add whatever random thing I felt like drawing wherever it would fit. I did the cellphone at work because it was basically the only interesting item in the entire place. Media used: Pilot Hi-Tec pen, Tombo markers, white gouache, some funky water soluble brush pen from Japan, white Uni-ball Signo pen, and some other funky brush pen from Japan that is NOT water soluble.

Anyway, welcome to my blog. Here we go.

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