Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sketchcrawl 23 (and then some)

This Sketchcrawl was held at San Francisco's Presidio and I definitely plan on returning there another day this summer for more painting when the weather is supposed to be nicer.

Below: Done in two sittings at Buena Vista Park in Haight-Ashbury. I had a rather peculiar run-in with a hammer-wielding junkie and thought it was probably best to finish this another day...

Above: Drawn while the stage was being set for a concert at Berkeley's Greek Theater.
Below: Same spread but with color added to the Alamo Square Park sketch on a second sitting.

Above & Below: These two spreads were done in front of the same cafe... I just drew different buildings. I may add color to the one below in another sitting. The top one was sort of a warm-up over breakfast.


chrystal chan said...

these are great charlene!<3

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Chrystal! I'll take that as a supersize compliment considering how awesome your color sense is! ;-)

Jens said...

i love these subtle little cityscapes.