Monday, July 20, 2009

fillMORE: An Ode to the 22

The theme of my last week's collection of sketches was (unintentionally) Fillmore. With the exception of the car (a holdout from the previous weekend's Sketchcrawl), all of these drawings were done somewhere along Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

Above: The top drawing was done sitting in the window at Alamo Square Cafe. I only drew the tops of the buildings not just because the lighting was more interesting but because a lot of buses come through this intersection, obscuring the view much of the time.

The bottom painting on the same page was done at a park in Pacific Heights, Alta Plaza. The park has killer views in every direction but I actually picked the least picturesque view to paint. Partially to be contrary. Partially because this particular view lent itself best to this composition. But mostly because it was the least windy spot and thus, the least annoying.

Above: This was originally intented to be a painting... the lighting was incredible. I did this in a Tapioca Express on Fillmore where all kinds of road construction was going on in front. They had the music cranked to 11 and then some so after finishing the initial drawing, I just had to leave. A painting was not meant to be. Heh, I totally tried to sneak an extra L in O'Farrell like I didn't totally just mispell that sucker.

Above: The bottom drawing is from Sketchcrawl in the Presidio. It got too windy to continue... paint kept drying right on my brush and I had to leave for the end time meetup anyhow. I wasn't going to share this because it was in an awkward stage when I abandoned it but I sort of dig it now. It's a charming painting-drawing half-breed.

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