Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have plenty of arts on backstock but I thought I'd take a quick break for some recent photos taken while out and about in the city. I recently got an iPhone and there's this gimmicky app called ShakeItPhoto that makes all your pictures look like polaroids. You even get to shake it to make it develop faster (thus the name). For some reason, I've become addicted to it. I imagine I look pretty strange standing on street corners shaking my phone in front of my face intently all the time.

Above: The Tenderloin near sundown. Tempting fate, apparently. Dumb.

Above: Waiting at the platform at an Oakland BART station at sunset.

Above: Obligatory pet photo. Yeah, that's my dog.

Above: Definitely not the city. Uh, somewhere along I-580? I think.


chrystal chan said...

wow that's soo cool. i've been looking at polaroid cameras recently... but now this just makes me want an iphone.

Charlene Fleming said...

You caught me. I've been sent by Apple to pimp the iPhone. Don't tell. ;)

Seriously, the iPhone is pretty cool. You can paint on it too. And you've got a map with GPS on you at all times, making sketchcrawling a cinch. Oh yeah, I've got apps for MUNI & BART too so I don't have to worry about not knowing the bus lines & times. Cool stuff. I get around!