Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Commuter Mementos III

I wish I could draw better. Yeah, tell you something you don't already know, right? My drawing skills have been complete rubbish the past couple weeks. I've been expecting that for some time, though, seeing as I recently experienced a large artistic growth spurt. I was overdue for a downturn. Anyway, the following are the acceptable "just keep working" drawings. Don't ask me to show you what unacceptable looks like, yeesh.

Above: Done several weekends ago when attending IndieMart in San Francisco, right before my personal art recession began. Afterward, I grabbed a really great mocha and lunch at a cafe in Hayes Valley... can't remember the name. Apparently it's across the street from "Stacks". I really want to do more environment drawings soon. Like I used to.

Below: BART peoples. I love the drawing of the sleeping man in the upper left. It's easy to make sleeping people look soulful. The man in the lower right noticed me drawing him but tried to play it off like he didn't. I saw him the next week on BART and as soon as he noticed me, he did an about-face and sat at the end of the car in a seat with his back to me. C'mon, guy.

Above: These ones I like. These were exempt from the art lapse, it appears.

Below: Still more BART people. My parents' dog, Macie, in the bottom corner. I don't draw animals. It shows.

Above: I hate this page a bit (hope you guys don't know anything about human proportions...). But I like the guy reading the magazine in the upper right and love the drawing of the guy in the black coat in the middle(ish), so I'll post it. Black coat guy was actually very attractive although my drawing doesn't quite tell that story. I liked black coat guy.

That's it for the sketchbook for now. I'm starting to snap out of the art lapse this week so I'll be sure to post more sketchbook work soon.


RAWLS said...

You're critical of yourself Char, that's'll make you get better as an artist. Just remember that even the greatest artist struggles at times, but it's through those struggles that we learn...if we choose to. It's good to push yourself, just don't let yourself believe you suck, because these are great my friend! Beautiful work.

Lorraine said...

These pages are beautiful! - When I'm in a slump I try find new artists to draw inspiration from, sometimes experimenting with a new medium or style can also freshen things! looking forwards to seeing more! (:

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, guys! It's great to hear praise when I'm not feeling so great about my work. I get pretty critical of myself sometimes but it seems to keep my work ethic in check, so it usually works out.

Lorraine, that's a great suggestion. Usually when things get kind of stale for me, I try to pick media that's basically the opposite of what I've been using or something that forces me to adress a specific problem I've been having. Example: working with Sharpie to promote decisiveness and economy of line.