Sunday, April 12, 2009

Commuter Mementos IV

Yeah, hold up. We'll get to the sketches in a second. Indulge me.

I’ve been cleaning out my room over the past few weeks, preparing to move soon, and all sorts of random fossils from my past have been turning up. I offer to you, the scientific community, a sublime specimen. It is, apparently, my first Sony.

Why, yes... that is an honest-to-god WHAM! cassette. Of course. I was that awesome.

Though my former awesomeness has widely been accepted as fact for quite some time now, firm proof has at last been found in all its tacky, 80s, kindergarten glory eliminating any lingering doubts. Believers rejoice.

My dog got a hold of my iPod, somehow, a couple months ago and mauled the crap out of the case. Miraculously, the iPod is alive and well… which means the dog still is too. The case is history, though. I’d love to track down another My First Sony on eBay and gut it to make a new case. It's the perfect size. I really don’t want to defile my original walkman because it’s almost like a holy relic to me and I still want to bust out my old cassettes and rock that thing like it’s 1989. Anyhow…

I think we normally post drawings here and these aren't too embarrassing so here we are. I actually quite like a few of them. But only a few.

I'm planning on switching media soon to get out of my funk. I've just been too lazy to reload my arsenal. I'm thinking of switching over to my white sketchbook for a bit and also working with color. It is spring, after all, and color seems to be unavoidable. Might as well exploit it.

Also, I started a new blog to share scans of my vintage books and images of other random, wierd-ass thrift store crap I come across (but mostly book scans). If that's anyone's bag. Here's a sample image, scanned from "Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog" by Evaline Ness:


Ashley Boyd said...

Oh, what a great find! I really dig the illustration of that dog from Old Mother Hubbard. Also, congratulations on your move!! :3

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Ashley! I am totally in love with San Francisco even more than I've always been. :D