Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hella Days - Page 5 [WIP]

Here's my comic I've been working on... well, the fifth page of ten, anyway. Still got issues I wanna fix later and some minor polishing touches but all that's gonna wait until I've got all the pages up to this level so I can do the finalization all in one pass and have it look unified. No text for youse... buy the print version at APE (November 1 & 2) in San Francisco or shoot me an email around that time to get a copy.

Thoughts on this so far: Gotta adjust the contrast here and there for clarity. Forgot to put a few sideplanes on the truck windows. Add a few more car components missing in a couple panels. I really love Jack in the first panel... badass Jack is the funnest Jack to draw. I love her facial expressions in the two upper right panels, her nonchalant pose in the 6th panel, and then the 11th and 12th panels in general. Oh yeah, Jack's kinda cute in the 5th panel even though cute ain't my thing and cute Jack is A MYTH. A lie, dudes. Fallacy!

For those not in the know, the main character here (Jack... the gal) is from my former long running comic and future graphic novel, Of Rogues And Robbers. This short story is not a part of the novel's story arc, however. I'm going to ink/tone the novel a totally different way, too. I'm thinking almost black and white. Real contrasty and angular. The story actually gets pretty dark... it's a criminal drama.

Yeah, buy the anthology at APE, please. And also the first chapter of the graphic novel, when it (hopefully) comes out next year.


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Im diggin the designs! Looking to attend APE hopefully get a copy, of your finished print.

jamaicad said...

You are absolutely insane, girl! That is so many panels on a page! And they look amazing! This is some of your best work, the style and shading is looking great. Watch the tangent on the third row middle with her arm and the wall. Really looking forward to seeing this at APE, great job!

Martin Kau said...

Char!!! Dude, I took it down not because of you cause it dawned on me that there could be a lot of ppl taking this test and I just may have sold myself to the competition. But I hope they have two spots open and I pray to god that we both get it, I definitely think we could tear the house down. Good luck and I hope things work out for at least one of us. Gotta keep it in the family:D

Martin Kau said...

oh yeah and you better be at the show :D

Charlene Fleming said...

Octavio: Thanks! Hope to see you there.

Jamaica: Graduation begets insanity. Thanks! The tangent on the mid-3rd row is actually her leaning against the truck with the camera exactly in front... I need to make sure her elbow and hair don't overlap the side of the truck to make that clear. However, there is a pretty nasty tangent in the panel right before that that I need to fix (her left arm and the window). I always appreciate a keen eye so thanks!

Martin: I wouldn't miss the show! :D Really looking forward to it! And I think there's definitely room for the both of us on the team... they're doing a ton of hiring right now so I think there's more than one concept artist position open. But yeah, big BIG luck to ya! If you make it in, put in a good word for me. ;) I'll do likewise.

Fabian said...

Great! Keep us updated! I really love your work, im happy i found your blog.


Philip Dimitriadis said...

Great use of positive and negative shapes here. Really nice and easy reads. Good stuff!!!

Pedro J. Colombo said...

Your work in this page is amazing!! congratulation :D