Friday, September 19, 2008

Slim Pickings

Most of the stuff I've been working on lately I either can't show or shouldn't show but here's a little bit of what I've done on the side recently. Drawings done in my way-too-tiny sketchbook that hates wet media:

I just got a new sketchbook not long ago so hopefully I'll be more motivated to sketch in public again soon.

These drawings below are warm-up gestures. I dunno... they're kinda funny and have a strange life to them so I'll share some that I've done over the past 2 weeks. People always take an unusual interest in them whenever they come across them.

And here are some I did on a used envelope:


Bobby Pontillas said...

I love those little gestures too! Its because they have a certain looseness and a great spontaneity to them.

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Bobby!


The gestures are great! Simple and full of life