Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Apparatus

So I've been fishing for an idea for a short story for the past week or so. I found one in a porch lamp(?)/heater(?)/thing at a Mexican restaraunt yesterday over lunch. "My New Apparatus".

Sketchbook stuffs. I just realized I only have 2 pages left in this book and the parting will be bittersweet. This is the same sketchbook I took with me to Paris a year ago and it's been great having it with me everywhere all year, even if I did feel like, "Hey, shouldn't you have finished this thing like 7 months ago or whatever?" Every time I finish a new sketchbook I think, "You should probably try something totally different this time around," and then I go out and get the same brown sketchbook at Utrecht. It's almost involuntary, at this point. I love the way it accepts media and that it forces me to do finished-ish drawings. Also, I hate staring at glaring white paper when I'm drawing.

I couldn't have asked for a better sketchbook, Brownie. If my next is better, it's because of you.

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