Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jack Scrap Fever

I did some major spring cleaning last week and had to wade through piles of paperwork and scrap papers with doodles on them. Here are some totally random doodles (mostly Jack) found here and there that I kinda like. Some of these are quite recent, some are quite NOT, and some are damn-dude-hella-old, explaining the discrepancy in style. There's a rare, unbearably adorable drawing of young Jacqueline in the second collage. There are a few bald Jacks because sometimes I just like drawing facial expressions and didn't even bother to finish the drawing with hair or shoulders. And then we've got some quick gestures done from imagination, usually in the margins of notes or something... those doodles are just random girls, not necessarily Jack. I've got a bunch of Warren drawings too (though not quite so many as Jack) but I thought I'd limit this post to gals, for starters.