Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I broke up with my sketchbook today. I just felt that we had reached a point where we weren’t moving forward anymore and that maybe I might want to meet new sketchbooks. In short, we were done. It fills me with sadness to know that we’ve reached the end and I won’t be seeing him quite so often anymore. We parted on good terms, however, and although I can always visit, it won’t be the same. Ah well. It was good while it lasted and we’ll always have Paris.

I can’t believe I finally finished that damned book. A year and one month later, to the day! It was the sketchbook I took to Paris. It was the sketchbook for my last year of college. It was the sketchbook I've spent the most time in out of all the other sketchbooks I've ever owned. I don’t know how most artists feel about their sketchbooks but I get really emotionally attached to mine and although it’ll be nice to start a new chapter, I kinda just wanna keep working in my old sketchbook. It’s been so good to me. The binding is just about shot and the edges are all worn and there are grease stains on the covers. Now I have to break in a new book. Here are the last two pages I did:

I sent out thank you cards for my graduation, finally. I did drawings in each one of them, all in different media and here's one of them. It’s my new iPod (Johnny Five) I used most my graduation money on:

Here are just a handfull of photos I took at San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade. Holy crap, I took so many pictures!

We went to Mel's Diner after the parade and I wound up drawing on my placemat since I wasn't hungry. I thought the drawings were sort of charming so here're those.

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Vanessa Cadena said...

Aww... seeing you with a new sketchbook was weird... im sorry its gonna take some time to get used to your new friend. It for the best tho.