Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I did a study abroad program for a month in Paris in 2007. It was a little spooky to find that I remembered the city so well that it was like I'd only been away a few months when I returned in December 2012. The only difference was that I was there in the summer last time.

It was a huge culture shock to go from India to Paris and the climate was drastically different too, of course. It was freezing and raining and there were Christmas decorations everywhere. I took 3 years of French language classes in high school and that was enough to get by on. Everyone was very kind to me and a few told me I spoke good French, although I get the feeling they were just trying to be encouraging. I'm glad I got all of the tourist sites out of the way last time I was in Paris so this time around I could just wander the streets, eat food, enjoy the holiday season and revisit my favorite places. I went up to Sacre Couer twice for that incredible view of the city and made sure to hit up the Musee D'Orsay on my last day there.

There should have been more drawings done in Paris but if I'd stood still too long I would have frozen and it's hard to draw with gloves on anyway.

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