Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rattled by the Rush

I've finally managed to work through the slump I've been in since February. In an effort to squeeze in drawing time everyday, I've been sacrificing my lunch hour to drawing sessions and then just eating lunch at my desk while working.

Above: The drawing on the right was intended to be painted over. I'll probably return to finish it soon even though I like it as is. It was way too windy to paint that day. There are many things I'll endure for my art but wind is probably my #1 most annoying thing. I'll take pretty much anything else the weather can throw. When I think about all the times I've gotten sick because I literally didn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain...

The drawings on the left were done at a Pavement reunion concert in Berkeley. Pavement was the first band I ever became full-on obsessed with and they're still one of my favorite bands ever. If you haven't been privy, here is your eduction:

Back to the sketchbook:

Maybe I should keep titling all my posts after Pavement songs. Or maybe that would just be annoying. "Rattled by the Rush" is an amazing song, though. It was actually the song that inspired me to learn guitar... the bridge floored me.

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