Sunday, April 27, 2008

It figures

Ballpoint pen drawings from 2 recent figure drawing sessions. Mostly two minute gestures.


Paul Abadilla said...

Hi Charlene! Thanks for the messages and stopping by - I'm very excited about the gig. Anyway, I'm loving the interior environment you had on your previous post - great job! And I'm very familiar with your figure drawing sensibilities, it's refreshing to see you approach it differently this time.

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks Paul! I'm so excited for you... not to mention green with jealousy. You totally deserve it and I hope you'll be keeping us all totally up to date with what you're doing over there so we can live vicariously through you. :D

Glad you like the environment I started working on. Environments aren't my strong point but I'm trying and it's really encouraging to hear that I'm heading in the right direction. As for the figure drawings, I got so completely burnt out with what I was doing before so I decided to switch to ink and just go nuts. I'm pretty happy doing wierd little pen drawings. They're kinda funny but they're usually more true. Thanks for dropping by!