Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dark District I

So. It's been almost a year since my last update. I'm not sure anyone still visits to see this post but a couple weeks after my last update I was injured in a large hit-and-run car accident. I've spent the last 9+ months recovering and it's only very recently that my back has been well enough to do work outside my job. During this time, I worked on a sci-fi mobile game at Kabam called Dark District for about 6 months. Here's a selection of work from it with more to come later.

I did a broad variety of work for this project: concepts for environment and building designs, 3D models and textures, skybox paintings, and a few promotional images. Below is a skybox for an industrial environment.

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Brandon Kruse said...

I do indeed read your blog and glad to hear you're recovering from your accident! 9 mos! What a colossal hassle! Sorry that happened.
Do you think you'd ever attach a list of links to what inspires you? I'm a sucker for all sorts of iso map art. Welcome back and stay strong!