Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Godfather: Park Avenue

We had a lighter-than-usual workload on the Godfather: Five Families team earlier this year and decided to take the opportunity to bust out a unique new expansion. I suggested we make this expansion take place at night, as we were all getting burnt out on using the standard warm Godfather palette. I painted two racket buildings and the background plate for the neighborhood view. It remains my favorite Godfather release to date.

The only part of the background plate above that I didn't paint was the Estate Tile, which is the bright building at the top with the lit-up roof. That was painted by my intern, Mclean, and is actually a separate tile that grows as you upgrade your Estate. 

I don't like drawing attention to shortcomings in my work but I think it's important to say that there are areas near the top and bottom of the background plate that look bare or unfinished. These are areas the user interface covers. I usually don't paint these areas much (if at all) since they won't be seen by the player. It allows me to spend my time making other areas that the player will see look better.


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Wow, just now finally saw this comment. Thanks, Tom! Means a lot coming from you.