Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Godfather: Greenwich Village & Capitol

Things have been pretty quiet around here as I've been moving and settling into a new apartment. I'd forgotten how much of a time-suck moving can be. The last couple weekends I've been going out sketching with friends on Sundays and have quite a bit to show from that but for now, here are some older pieces I did for Godfather: Five Families. I'll also share some work from our Brooklyn and Park Avenue expansions in the next few weeks.

Above: This is a racket building from the first neighborhood, which we've been calling "The Capitol". Tony's Auto Body is named after our old producer, Anthony. The sign spins in the game.

Below: This is Jefferson Market Courthouse from our Greenwich Village expansion. It's also a real building in New York City. I think this is my favorite racket building I've designed and painted for Godfather.

Below: This is the train station from the first neighborhood. It's not designed after any particular station. Below it are a couple thumbnail sketches I did for it.

Below: This is the train station from out Greenwich Village expansion as well as some quick thumbnails for it.

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