Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graduation Day

My younger sister and my sketchbook graduated at the same ceremony. I'm pretty proud of my sister for making it through college but I have mixed feelings about the sketchbook I just finished. It didn't feel as unified and committed as previous sketchbooks and I only did one painting in it (which I didn't even finish):

Above: I did this at Dolores Park at the last Sketchcrawl. It was too windy to finish the painting... the gouache kept drying on my palette and brush before I had the chance to get it on paper. It's been endlessly windy the last few months here in the city so I suppose that if I want to get any plein air painting done, I'm going to have to find some kind of retarder for gouache. Or start working in oils again.
Below: More BART drawing. I've been working a lot lately and it seems the only real chance I get to do personal drawing has been on BART on my way to and from guitar lessons.

I should post some more Dragons of Atlantis work soon...

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