Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RIP GreenSpot

Before Kabam acquired Wonderhill in October, I had been working primarily on a garden game called GreenSpot for 3 months. It was announced last month that production on that game would cease and that on December 1st it would be taken offline.

In the brief time I worked on GreenSpot, however, I learned a lot. When I came to WonderHill I didn't know how to use Flash, but I willingly threw myself into a sink-or-swim situation and my coworkers were more than happy to lend me their knowledge and patience to see me through it. While my education in Flash is far from over, I'm confident in saying I'm now fluent in the program. Here is some of the work I did this July-October 2010.

Above: This is a New England background I painted for GreenSpot to commemorate the beginning of autumn.

Above: I can't believe one of my favorite things I did for this game was a pile of bricks. They were a challenge to capture in Flash without making them look like a pile of red rubble.
Below: GreenSpot was dominated by cuteness, so when Halloween came around the art team was thankful to finally indulge in a little darkness.

Below: I also used to do occasional work on Furry Farm, a game where you could raise pets and farm animals.

I'm looking forward to eventually being able to post work from the game I'm currently working on, Dragons of Atlantis. If you're on Facebook, you can play it here.

On a related note, Kabam is hiring. If you're an artist-type or an engineer-type or a marketing-type, you may be interested...

And on one last note (really), my blog has been featured on Online Computer Science Degree as one of 2010's Top Hand Drawn Blogs, a resource for those looking to get into computer art/animation. Thanks for visiting and passing the word along.


Genny Hempstead said...
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Genny Hempstead said...

Enjoyed looking at your GreenSpot images. Since you work for Kabam, can you please tell them that the worst thing they ever did as a company was closing down of GreenSpot / Enchanted Gardens.

My mother, daughter & I all used to play that game (same game, different name) and none of us will ever play the dragons game or any other violent game Kabam puts out.

GS/EG was the best game I had ever seen on a social network. I don't play games as a rule on myspace or facebook but GS was an exception because it was so exceptional.

It was all about artwork & expressing ourselves. There was no violence (unless expressed in art) or competition (besides the friendly form) & that is so rare among social network games.

By closing GS/EG, Kabam lost at least 2 million loyal players, many of whom I know were so hurt by the loss of that game that they likely will never play any Kabam games either as a form of silent protest.

If they REALLY want to see their profit margins go through the roof, they should bring back GreenSpot to myspace, facebook & google+, in the format it was before, and they would be shocked how GS wiped that dragon game's profits into the dirt.

Could you please tell your employers for me? I have tried to send messages to them directly but nothing ever got through.

Tracey Hawkins said...

Dear Charlene, do you still work with them I wonder. Your work was a joy and so very many miss green spot. I am curious why no one has tried to bring it back to life. It was not like all the other dime a dozen cookie cutter apps, it was special and VERY unique. IF you do still work with them perhaps you could shed light on why they just ditched the whole thing and if the rainforest ever got the cash we spent? Either way I wish you well in your works.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed Greenspot because it was relaxing and allows for your own creativity. It's also very calming to people who suffer from anxiety and depression such as myself. In recent years Mental Illness has been on the rise. Games such as Greenspot would be very beneficial to the millions who suffer. PLEASE consider bringing this game back.