Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Month Is Still Young

Okay, no. It isn't. But it's not too late for one more October update. I'm pulling some art off backlog in the interest of maintaining regular updates in the midst of an art drought.

These are all quick gestures done from imagination. At work, sometimes I start to lose focus when I've been working on something for a long time and I'll take a couple minutes to doodle and reset my attention span. The first page is a composite of several pages.

Below: You might recognize the drawing of the girl on the left... it's the sketch I based this picure on in August. With tactful adjustments.


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

These are great, alot life to them.

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Octavio!

fatemeh kashfi said...

very good gestures and studies