Monday, September 14, 2009

Moleskin 2.0

So begins my second Moleskin (we're not counting those couple pages in the watercolor one that I abandoned). Autumn is descending faster than I was prepared for and I'm realizing how limited my time is to get in some good plein air painting before the weather won't allow it. Expect more color sketches in the next post.

Above: I happened to catch the Richmond on a rare sunny day... the district is notorious for relentless fog.

Below: These pages were done in my hometown of Fremont, CA. The drawing on the left would have been a painting if that car hadn't left. The thing sticking out of the back of that man's head is a bike handle... I started drawing a person with a bike on BART and they got off the train seconds after I started.

Above: I was still trying to milk those dead Tombow markers on this page. I kind of like how everything came out soft like vine charcoal. The left page has a wierd tangent between the woman's arm and someone else's hand making her look like she's got a stumpy arm. Those were all done on BART to Berkeley.

Below: Seattle airport drawings done with a fountain pen, which I don't use nearly enough.

Above: Totally killed a pen on that airport truck and it's really obvious.

Below: Here's a preview of a future painting. This is the ink undersketch:

I'm currently working on a book proposal. I'll talk more about that in the next post.


RAWLS said...

These are beautiful Char! You have nice mole skin!! :)

Ryan Green said...

Man...I love the almost abstract blocks of shadow on "bicycle-head-man." Inspiring sketchbook!

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, guys!