Sunday, February 15, 2009

Checking In

Oh, my poor neglected sketchbook. I haven’t worked in it since the day I went to that John Vanderslice concert… which makes it about 3 weeks now! I’ll try to make amends before the end of February. I’ve mostly been focusing on the new job and the little time I’ve had for myself has been channeled into working on the story for “Rogues & Robbers”. I’m swimming in notes right now. Oh yeah, and I got sick again... now there’s a dumb story.

In the interest of keeping the blog rolling despite this minor dry spell, here are a couple pieces from my sketchbook that I did last month. The first is an atmospheric study I did over an espresso-nated beverage. I like it a lot. The second page I actually hated for some reason but almost kindasorta like now. Did it while killing time before the aforementioned concert and on the train ride home. Don't look at the guy in the chair in the upper right corner. It pains me.

Pre-spring cleaning... some random, idiot doodles I found when trying to clear off my desk. Some of them are thumbnails for actual finished pieces but most were just goofy time wasters. Hope someone finds them entertaining.

I think I may instigate a “one personal drawing a day” policy pretty soon whether it’s a quick character sketch or a longer sketchbook study to keep myself in the game and stocked up on blog fodder.


RAWLS said...

Nice work Charlene!

Cheeks said...

Thank you for stopping by! Your work is AMAZING, Charlene!

See ya at Wondercon. :)

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, guys! ^_^

Nice meeting you at WonderCon, Sean. I was the one who asked you to draw a luchador in my book. ;)