Monday, December 15, 2008

Tea Shop : Part II

My progress on the Tibetan tea shop interior. As you can see, I'm still blocking stuff in. There's no detail yet and the shadows and reflections aren't refined but it's coming together.

Also, I drew a thing--

--DIGITALLY. Ours is truly an age of wonders. A Tibetan girl I drew in less than ten minutes while taking a break from the tea shop. And the lame drawing below was just a test for a new brush I made in Photoshop. Helllloooo!


Alejandro said...

I'm no John Clapp but it looks to me like the perspective isn't quite right for the tables. Specifically, the edges of the tables don't converge significantly, especially compared with the beams in the ceiling (which look correct). The eye level looks to be about at about half the height between the tables and the ceiling and the tables are parallel to the beams so they should converge to a similar degree. But I could be wrong (and probably am).

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks, Alej. Yeah, the perspective was giving me some problems earlier. In an earlier version, it was slightly out of the cone of vision and I had to widen the VPs. I actually modeled this environment in Maya and am painting over the wireframe. I had a few people take a look at the image I was working on to verify the perspective wasn't still wonky. I think the reason it maybe looks a bit wierd is that the middle table is a single and the front and back tables are doubles. The eye level is actually closer to the top of the door, so about 6.5 feet above the ground.

Alejandro said...

Told you I was probably wrong :-)

xenon999 said...