Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the beginning, there was...

This was actually the inaugural sketch of my new sketchbook. I forgot to scan it with the last batch somehow. Just trying to shake the rust off my sketching hand. This drawing was done looking out the window at one of my favorite cafes: Bay Street Coffee in Fremont, CA. Since it was right before the election, the fence across the street was plastered in election posters.

Mental dialogue following the completion of this sketch:
"Hey, organize the values better so your image is legible, yeah?"
"Values? Organization? Whuh?!"

In my defense, it was overcast.


Roukse said...

I love your drawings :)

nothing intresting to say else :s

Anonymous said...

You traveled all the way from FELTON to draw that?

ahhhhh, jokes aren't so cool when the site makes you retype them.

Apparently Livejournal's not feelin' it right now, so you get an aim name I haven't used in months. Congratulations.

Either way, I think my totally sweet Felton reference is more than enough identification.

Mel said...


Jarrett said...

Brilliant drawings:D!!

james_william_walsh said...

wow, love that hella days girl.. thats a really great design!

jehan said...

hey charlene, thanks for stoppin by =) that painting was done in oils.. i can't handle gouache for squat

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks so much guys!

Jehan: You totally just made me want to bust out my oil set... I haven't done oil since I was 19!

James: So glad you love the Jack design. She's actually my favorite character I've ever done. Thanks for dropping by!