Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Book Bin #1

I spend a lot of time at the thrift store. I always have. There are just too many wierdly awesome things there from old childhood toys and creepy ceramic figurines to tacky clothes and old VHS tapes. My parents bought most of my clothes and toys from the thrift store when I was growing up and I guess I just never outgrew it. Aside from clothes, books are one of my absolute favorite things to buy thrifted. You never know what kind of gorgeous or completely off-the-wall vintage book you're going to find there and I've built up a sizable collection over the years with nothing but spare change! It's a resource few artists tap but I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Here are some illustrations from a book I found last month, that I've been meaning to scan and share. The book is "Debbie's Visit to the Countryside" by Gilbert Delahaye, illustrated by Marcel Marlier, 1980. It was so beautifully rendered, I couldn't resist. I have other books I'd like to share in the coming weeks, as well.

Also, when you see a book with a cover as awesome as this one, you DO NOT leave it on the shelf:

I leave you with the final page of "The Superstars of Rock". The caption reads, "Shakin' Stevens - Britain's most exciting rock performer."


Fabian said...

How come i never thought on that, going to an old bookstore to look for old illustrated children books? Great idea!!


Hi Charlene!

I've seen that you are a follower of my blog! Thank you so much, I've been looking your blog, and your work is very inspiring. Thanks again.

See you in the blogosphere!

PD: Take a look to the blog www.puertatanhauser.blogspot.com , is a project of mine, just for fun, where maybe you can collaborate, if you want. You can translate the blog to english with the option translate the blog. And excuse me for my poor english!

steve hui said...

luv your sketches and paintings!

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks so much guys!